About Michelle

Michelle is a seasoned yoga instructor specializing in Vinyasa Flow. Her ten plus years teaching experience coupled with her background in the theatre have given her the insight and skill to command a class with clarity and precision.  Her many years as a dancer and Qiqong practitioner have allowed her to “choreograph” sequences that are both playful and effective. Her nurturing nature gives her the ability to take students to their personal edge safely.

Michelle is currently the director of Shakti Yoga in Buffalo, New York, a Vinyasa based school. While at home in her 3,000 square foot studio, she enjoys mentoring her students in the philosophic, spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. While on the road, she enjoys sharing her passionate and compassionate approach to yoga with others. She leads yoga retreats in warm climates annually. Michelle has taught with the accompaniment of many talented musicians including Dave Stringer and Mike Cohen.

Michelle delights in the collective and supportive energy of a community on a path. She believes yoga is a transformational experience that opens the mind and frees the spirit. Contact Michelle to arrange Guest Teaching or book a Healing Session, Live Music Vinyasa flow, Body Alignment Workshop or Retreat.


“I am grateful to Michelle for such a great practice. I go to studios all over the country. Shakti is one of the most unique and beautiful spaces I’ve been in.” – Michael Franti, Musician, Singer, Yogi


“Michelle has created a gentle and nurturing space for learning and practicing without judgment or fear.  Her class allows you to both challenge and forgive yourself–creating a balance of practice and patience.  Michelle’s tremendous energy, giving spirit and sense of humor make every class the best part of any day.
I am so grateful” – Chelsea Duval, Student


I have been studying yoga with Michelle Gigante for over four years. Michelle’s classes combine a rigorous, elegant and well balanced “work out” with a meaningful message that often applies to my practice in the moment but to my life in general. The Shakti studio Michelle has created, is a sanctuary, a sacred space where I go to move, to sweat, to deal, to confront, to hold on, to let go, to dance. I leave a better person.” – Cyd Cox, Student


“Yoga Instructor Michelle Gigante’s steady and clear cueing, along with her gift for rhythm created a pace that was both inspiring and easy to follow. I had a blast playing for her Vinyasa Flow class!” – Dave Stringer, Kirtan Recording Artist