About Michelle’s Teaching

A typical class with Michelle gives students a chance to explore their greatest potential and meet their challenges by using the breath. The cultivation of deep breath-work results in the ability to flow through challenges on and off the mat and takes the average yoga practice to new and exciting levels. Her students learn how to flow through a class and life in their natural rhythms, meeting less resistance along the way.
Her steady paced cueing encourages a natural rhythm. Her assists help deepen the postures. Her playful nature lightens the mood. Her spontaneity provides a connection to the moment.

As an instructor Michelle promotes freedom of movement, clarity of mind and awakening of spirit. Chanting, meditation and pranayama are always incorporated.

Live Music Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa instructor Michelle Gigante will lead a flow class accompanied by live music. The organic connection between music and movement promises to create an energetic flow that can take the students to new openings in their practice.

A two-hour class will include guidance on how to center the mind, a Vinyasa flow practice to open the channels of the body and chanting to free the spirit. The natural rhythm of the practitioners’ breath will be linked to the postures via the music.

“No matter what else has gone on in my day or is yet to come, Michelle’s class is a place apart that fortifies me for external events. There is openness and a lack of judgment while still providing caring correction that takes me further in my yoga journey. Michelle focuses on the reciprocity of the energy within the class, which helps each of us to push our best self out into the room to share with each other. Bottom line, Michelle rocks!” – Heather Allen, Student